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Since our visit to the land of seasons (as much as I love wearing t-shirts in January, I do get a bit homesick between Labor Day and Christmas :)) coincided with a co-op class assignment involving leaves, we went out collecting yesterday. Although fall is just getting underway here, we found plenty of fallen leaves ranging from still-green to crunchy brown, with all of the beautiful yellows, reds, oranges and purples in between.

As we sorted through our stash, we learned a little about what makes leaves change color and fall off — this was one of those lessons where I learned almost as much as the kids! I helped with the writing as they filled in the observation pages that made up their homework assignment, comparing two leaves using sight, smell, sound, and touch, 20120916-121114.jpgand then we took it one step further. A roll of wax paper and an iron allowed us to preserve the leaves we used for the observation sheet and also make some pretty pictures with the rest.

I remember doing this (and the crayon-shavings version) as a child, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. Cheap & easy lamination and clear contact paper seem to have replaced this method for most things, but it was fun to let the kids lay out their leaves and then help with the ironing. If you try this, use a piece of parchment or kraft paper, or a scrap piece of fabric, beneath and on top of the wax paper & leaf sandwich to protect your iron and ironing board.