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My husband, ladies and gentlemen:

Living the meme

This morning I discovered that my littlest darling had not only poured water into the cats’ (dry) food dish, but also into the bin from which we refill the cat food.

The last time she did something like this (a couple of weeks ago, or maybe yesterday), I asked my mother why a child would do such a thing. She answered, “I don’t know, why did you draw an elephant on the wall behind the living room curtains with magic marker?”

Touché, Mother, touché.

For the past several days, there has been an unmistakable funk in the Mommyvan. Although I am fairly strict about eating in the car, I had to admit that this smelled suspiciously like stray fast-food rotting away in some hidden crevice. Odd, I thought, because the only food we’ve had in the car recently has been snack crackers and water.

I hunted around in the crevices of boosters and underneath the seats, but could not find any likely culprits. The Combos from last week maybe? No, I’m pretty sure the ‘cheese’ inside those is so well preserved that it won’t even begin to decompose until well after the cold death of the universe.

Finally, this afternoon, I got around to taking my reusable grocery bags back out to the car. As I arranged them with the few that were still in there, I found the source of the stink: a plastic (fortunately) bag containing what used to be several nectarines and a bunch of scallions. My husband had been kind enough to bring in all of the groceries from last weekend’s shopping trip. Almost all.

A couple of days later, when I couldn’t find the fruit, I thought my youngest, voracious frugivore that she is, lately had beat me to them. I noticed the missing scallions when I was making turkey burgers for dinner, but I chalked that up to either my own faulty memory or an item missed while bagging groceries. I never even thought to check the car, as my husband is generally very thorough and careful in even the most mundane of household chores.

Next time, and I am quite certain there will be a next time sooner or later :-?, I won’t be so quick to make the usual assumptions!

At lunchtime, we found ourselves sitting outside the McDonalds drive-thru waiting for a replacement of the order they flubbed the first time around.

“Aha,” I thought, “A teachable moment!” I began explaining the importance of focusing on the task at hand, paying careful attention to directions… when J burst in with — I kid you not — “Hey, look, a shiny thing over there!”

Addendum, the following day: You really never know what will stick. J rushed through a math worksheet this afternoon, getting every answer but one incorrect. I told him it looked like he wasn’t paying attention to his work; he frowned and answered, “Yeah, just like the guy at McDonald’s yesterday.”