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financial literacy

In my desperation to do some Christmas shopping that didn’t involve a web browser and a UPS truck, I packed up the kids and took them to the mall. Christmas was still a couple of weeks away, so this is not quite as insane as it might otherwise sound.

We did succeed in picking out a few gifts for the kids to give Daddy and their big sister, and I even managed to work in a brief lesson about money, price tags, receipts, and credit cards over lunch. This was a powerful reminder that I really can find those teachable moments anywhere, if I slow down and look around. I am certainly guilty of rushing ahead toward a goal or destination, completely missing all the things my children could be learning along the way!

We’d pretty much finished our shopping when we walked past the new movie theater, with its Wreck-It Ralph posters. I decided that 1pm on a Monday would be a great time to take them to their second movie ever (on the big screen, anyway; we watch plenty at home). In the empty theater, I was able to point out to them that most other kids were in school while we were shopping and going to the movies — those little nuggets I like to tuck away in their brains for the times they think that they want to go to regular school instead because I’m working them too hard that day.