DITL – All The Things in One Day 2/13/2014

Pick a day before Feb. 14th? OK, the day before, of course. Not exactly a usual day… all of these are more or less normal parts of my life, but there usually aren’t as many of them in a single day. Here’s a Day In The Life of the Mommyvan crew. Check out Parentwin for more DITLs from this week!

Every day starts this way for me, but this was an early one thanks to a girl child with bad dreams. She got back to sleep, i gave up. Also: Me, 5:30 AM.

20140214-082501.jpg 20140214-082815.jpg

Drugs for the day. Only have to get a third of them down first thing. 20140214-082717.jpg

On Thursdays we don’t do much schoolwork at home, but there is still planning and filing to be done. I do enjoy a nice view while I work.

20140214-083045.jpg 20140214-083058.jpg

Child #1 appears, followed by #s 2 and 3 hunting up some breakfast.

20140214-083026.jpg 20140214-083601.jpg

Time for a little play while I get snacks ready to take with us to our co-op class day.

20140214-083648.jpg 20140214-083753.jpg

Throw on some clothes, and off we go! 9 AM.
20140214-084224.jpg 20140214-093229.jpg

While the kids are in their classes, I get a chance to chat and eat in peace. Today’s hot topic: a Groupon for… vajazzling (don’t Google that, seriously. NSFW. Not safe for kids or your own sanity, either.). Co-op parents take turns making soup each week. Today was Moroccan garbanzo bean. Yum!

20140214-084717.jpg 20140214-084702.jpg

The kids take two classes here, Science & Nature and Games Around the World. Today they exchanged Valentines with their friends.

20140214-084253.jpg 20140214-091649.jpg

What treasures are we bringing home today? A superworm grub to add to our beetle collection (we’ve already watched three of these guys pupate and emerge as beetles, it’s pretty cool!) and some Olympic torches.

20140214-091619.jpg 20140214-091634.jpg

Pizza lunch and playground time with friends, one of the highlights of our week.

20140214-092049.jpg 20140214-092021.jpg

The scenery on our drive is not bad at all. Once home, it’s rest time. A little quiet reading for all, me included.

20140214-092116.jpg 20140214-092158.jpg

20140214-092219.jpg Tag-team parenting today, Daddy home early to supervise math drills and piano practice while I head out for an afternoon of medical adventures. An hour and a half at the rheumatologist’s office and another half-hour at the pharmacy. I used the time to pick up some Valentine goodies for the kids.

20140214-092231.jpg 20140214-092242.jpg

Hubby gets dinner ready for the kids while I do a quick change into fancy pants. Date night!
20140214-092255.jpg 20140214-092350.jpg

20140214-092303.jpg As soon as our sitter arrives, we head out and discover that a vulture has dropped some of its dinner on our front walk. Possum? Armadillo? The world may never know.

I’ll spare you photos of the food, here’s our favorite sushi chef instead. And my dinnertime pills.
20140214-092318.jpg 20140214-092327.jpg

On to the main event. These guys know how to throw a party.
20140214-092342.jpg 20140214-092358.jpg


…the 458 Speciale. Stunning!
20140214-092428.jpg 20140214-092503.jpg

Looks good on me, don’t you think? It’s probably a good thing we’re not into tracking, this car is certainly built for it.

Home again, and it’s not even 10 PM. I got our little friend settled into his new home. His cousins, the mature beetles, are in the box behind him.

Some bedtime web surfing, and it’s off to dreamland for me (after quick sneaking back out to the kitchen to leave a little surprise by my sweetie’s coffee maker for the morning).


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